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Paco Mila, Inc., formerly Sparco International Inc. is an established provider of high-quality Cubic Zirconia and gemstone jewelry.  We travel the world to source the highest quality products available and then provide them to the American market at amazing prices.  


Our Cubic Zirconia

All of our stones are cubic zirconia, which is just as beautiful as natural stones and nearly as hard as diamond, but available for a fraction of the price.  All of our pieces have sturdy prong settings.


Our Base Material

Our jewelry is made from high quality rhodium-plated white bronze. Different silver jewelry items may be finished in different ways.  Rhodium It is the highest class of Platinum, it is the final coating in most of our jewelry. For some items, the .925 sterling silver design is plated with a thin layer of .999 fine silver.  This process is known as flashing, and it gives the item a shiny finish. Flashing or plating silver jewelry also helps reduce irritation or discoloration for customers with sensitive skin.   


Jewelry Care

Most metal is susceptible to tarnish – a natural reaction of the metal has with chemicals in the air and also the acid level of the wearer's skin.  Thankfully, preventative maintenance can help keep your jewelry looking great for years to come.  Frequent light polishing with a polishing cloth designed for sterling silver will help minimize tarnish.  You can also wash your jewelry periodically with mild dish soap and warm water or jewelry cleaner — just be sure to rinse well and dry completely before putting your jewelry away.

You can minimize tarnish of items that are stored in a display case by using desiccated silica gel, granules that absorb the humidity in the air.  Covering the jewelry in your cases with Pacific Jeweler’s Cloth (available at most fabric stores) will also help minimize tarnish.  When storing silver jewelry items, keeping them in sealed plastic bags will help reduce tarnish as well.

Tarnish can be easily removed when first noticed.  However, if left untreated, the color of the tarnish will darken and will become more difficult to remove, ultimately requiring professional cleaning.

It is also important to avoid exposing sterling silver jewelry to harsh chemicals like chlorine, 
cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume, and to avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight.  

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